Dear Friends of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra,
   It is my pleasure to introduce the C.S.O. program for the new season 2016/2017. New
 concert series based on the work of Mozart and Mendelssohn’s complete symphonies beside
 Tchaikovsky’s late symphonies will be the core of this season’s program.
   Concerts celebrating festive and religious occasions will add a special flavor to the program
 and will include Beethoven’s Mass in C major and Szymanowski’s Stabat Mater and his great
 Love Songs of El Hafiz to be performed for the first time in the Cairo Opera House.
   Our endeavor to give new color to our program will include a Shakespeare celebration
 featuring a performance of Britten’s opera “A midsummer night’s dream in concert form.
   Another performance in concert form will be dedicated to Puccini’s “Il Trittico”.
   Egyptian living composers and specially their new works will enjoy even more space in the
 program this season than before.
   Distinguished Members of the C.S.O. will join in program to offer highly qualified
 performances of ensemble and chamber music repertoire. Also the A Cappella Choir will have
 more display in the program.
   Soloists and guest artists of international caliber have been chosen carefully to ensure you
 highest delight in our performances.

 Ahmed El Saedi, Music Director


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