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A Cappella Choir

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A Cappella Choir
The A Cappella Choir was founded in 1999, to basically perform non-operatic works of the standard choir repertoire.
The real serious work of the choir started when Ms. Maya Gvineria was appointed as Choir Master in September 2000. Her intensive work with the Choir has led to a much higher artistic level.

The Choir was put under the Artistic Supervision of Maestro Ahmed El Saedi to play an integral role to the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, performing masterpieces of both sacred and secular music.

For the past seasons, A Cappella Choir has participated with the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in the interpretation of great masterpieces:
Handel’s Messiah, Haydn's Creation, Mozart’s Requiem, Verdi’s Requiem, Brahms’ A German Requiem, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Missa Solemnis, Mahler’s Second Symphony Resurrection, Dvořák's Stabat Mater, Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky, etc..

The seasons 2014/15 featured new works of C. P. E. Bach, F. Schuberts, L. Cherubini and F. Mendelssohn to be performed for the first time by the A Cappella Choir
Maya Gvineria
A Cappella Choir Master
Born in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, Maya Gvineria studied at the National Conservatoire from where she obtained a piano piano diploma in 1987.

Later she became the Head of the Piano Department of the Tbilisi National Conservatoire and also worked at the Conducting and Choir department.

In 1998, she came to Cairo, She was appointed by the Academy of Arts and then became opera répétiteur at the Cairo Opera House.

Currently, Mrs. Gvineria is Choir Master of the A Cappella Choir.

Members Of The A Cappella Choir

Sopranos Altos Tenors Baritones
  • Janet Zaki
  • Shamaa El Hady
  • Marina Labib
  • Amira Ahmed
  • Marwa Hassan
  • Inas Abdel Raouf
  • Nada Osman
  • Marian Makram
  • Amina Mohamed
  • Ghadi Magdy Mohamed
  • Mariem Gad Alla
  • Sara Mohi El Din
  • Nora Adel Alfi
  • Loura Momtaz Thabit
  • Soha Selim
  • Sawsana Hanna
  • Shaza El Sawy
  • Christine Barsoum
  • Nahal Fahmy
  • Martina Habib
  • Rawda Zaki
  • Raghda Gamal
  • Kiry Nasry
  • Sherin Khaled
  • Randa Gamal
  • Abir Ezzat
  • Menatallah Salah
  • Nashwa Essam
  • Walaa Raslan
  • Samar Samir
  • Marina Fawzy
  • Nardeen Reda
  • Iman Tawfik Ahmed
  • Khalid Samir
  • Mohamed Smir
  • Yasser Aly
  • Mostafa Medhat
  • Mina Magdy
  • Ahmed Sourour
  • Mohamed Hassan
  • Mohamed Mahmoud
  • Tamer Zakaria
  • Adel El Masry
  • Mahmoud Fathi
  • Islam Khalil
  • Amr Salah
  • Ahmed Adel Anwar
  • Mohamed Ali Hassan
  • Mohamed Adel Mohamed
  • Ahmed Abdel Salam
  • Efram Alfy
  • Bahaa Mohamed
  • Karim Nassar
  • Mahmoud Elewa
  • Mohamed Wahid
  • Nadeem Gamal
  • Samy Mahmoud
  • Osama Gamal
  • Ahmed Adel
  • Amir Hossam ElDin
  • Borhan El Din Farouk
  • Mohamed Hamdy El Said
  • Ahmed Mohamed Sabry
  • Ramsis Mamoudh
  • Ramaz Riyadh
  • Abdalla Rafat Ahmed
  • Mohamed Gamal
  • Hossam Mohamed
  • Yousef Saed Khalil

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